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Harmless Cigarette Bundle
Sebastian Wolff

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Great price too

This program works. I have been smoke free, totally, not one puff ever, for nearly 5 months now. I never thought I would be smoke free. But I have done it. Thank you Harmless Cigarette.

I tried everything but this helps

I had tried to quit smoking several times both cold turkey and vaping, none of which worked and decided to try Harmless Cigarette after much research and contemplation. The program was fantastic with weekly newsletter and daily insight on how and why to quit. Harmless Cigarette was very effective in counteracting cravings. I would highly recommend this program for all who want to quit.

for my husband

Thankyou Quit Go, its been almost 7 months since my husband and I had our last cigarette. The program actually works and we couldn't be happier. We have recommended the program to friends and family and some of them have tried it and quit as well. Couldnt be happier or more proud of ourselves.

Great value

Never thought I could give up have tried everything after 40 years I'm now a proud non smoker and my son has given up as well

It's like a magic cure

It works I can't really believe it. From over 30 cigarettes a day to nothing in a week is awesome and it still seems easy to beat any triggers. Oh and saving a fortune

Five Stars

Thought i would give this a go. 100% better than champix. I didnt stop on day 6 as i had couple left but the 2 i smoked tasted foul like i just lit up a stick and smoked it. Havent looked back still off the smokes. Some days get a craving like first up in morning but then i try to keep busy. Best money spent and can honestly say it really does work.

Five Stars

I wish I had signed up when I first saw a Harmless Cigarette post on Facebook early last year.... On Sunday I will be 4 weeks a non-smoker, after 24 years smoking. Of course the will and the want to quit must be there, but the tablets definitely helped-and that was with a husband that continued to smoke, and probably has no intention of ever quitting. I wouldn't say it was EASY, but it was definitely EASIER. Thanks.

I use it everywhere

I was worried this would be another product that wouldn't work but tried it anyways and thought it has a money back guarantee so what have i got to lose and now im so glad that did, i was shocked when i just didnt want a cigarette anymore and havent had one since...... thankyou Harmless Cigarette for helping me with my stop smoking journey and would recommend this program to anyone who is ready to quit

This product works!

I have tried to quit smoking every year for 8 years and only managed to go a maximum of a few months each time with several "Social smokes" during. I have been smoke free for over 4 weeks now and don't even crave one when I am drinking or socially. I highly recommend this program, Thank you so much!

i really enjoy this

Ok well I thought I would never say it but have now been smoke free for 41 days , as a heavy smoker for 40 yrs. plus I wasn't sure I really wanted to, knew it was a habit and to be honest was actually scared to give up. Had tried patches and champix ( which I would not recommend) with no success at all. Then I saw the reviews of Harmless Cigarette and thought well might as well give it a go. Followed the program but remembering the time to take the tablets became a bit of a challenge , so missed a few here and there, but by day 8 I realised that I had only smoked 3 cigarettes the day before so thought what the heck why even bother lighting one up, and so I didn't. Got lots of support from the team with emails and phone calls to my texts, so that was a bonus. Even more surprising I didn't once feel like murdering any family members lol. Plus only those that see me on a daily basis know I have quit haven't announced it to the majority of my friends as yet , but I suppose the cats out of the bag now if they read this. Highly recommend this to anyone that wishes to actually give them up, it seriously works. I've started putting the money I would normally spend weekly which is scary to say the least was in excess of $100 per week into a separate bank account, this years holiday is going to be a blast as this rate. Just do it , order Harmless Cigarette today, - they arrived quicker than I thought they would, which made me say a few choice words because it now meant I had to give it a go.

and I feel amazing since the first day

Was smoking 40 day and now nearly 3 weeks smokes free thanks to quit stop now have been on them for 22 days . They are great no cravings no anger issues like others I have tried

It's helping my son stop smoking

As a heavy smoker off and on for 20 odd years I didn't think I could do it. I've still got a fair way to go but I know I can do it but changing my thought process and behaviour....The journey so far has been hard but getting easier. Thanks for the daily texts and emails...I highly recommend Quit thing I've done. Thanks

I am through 5 days without smoking

Ok I'm 60 I am now nicotine free for 10 weeks and 3 days For 23 years I basically smoked 50 cigarettes per day. Prior to that I had smoked from the age of 18 til 33. I stopped smoking when I was pregnant at 33 And took it up again at the age of 37 Nothing helped until Harmless Cigarette

Harmless Cigarette Bundle
Shirley Stockman
Very pleased with the results

Was a smoker of 25 smokes a day for 26 years. Im at day 31 smoke free. I have saved over $700 from not buying cigarettes. Harmless Cigarette was so easy. Anyone can do it. Give it a go. Its the best thing I've done in years.

Fantastic - working well for me!

I have tried everything before so I thought I would give this ago and it works. Simple fact of the matter it has also helped me to get my drinking under control too. Its been 2 weeks and though I had a little bump I know I can do it with the help from Nikko and all the positive messages from others. Thank Quit Go I have never felt so positive about giving up this horrible habit.

Amazing stuff!!!

I was also skeptical about this program! I was a pack a day smoker and felt like the give up thing was just too hard. I can honestly say I have been on the program for 21 days now! smoke free for 16 days! and can honestly say I don't even crave or miss them. Thank you Quit Go. Anyone wanting to quit well worth it.


So far 5 days smoke free and loving it don't know how it works but it works and I sure hope it keeps working thanks team

Works great

I can not rave enough about this product. I am only on day 14 but am completely smoke free, can't stand the smell or even the thought of picking up the habit ever again. Thank you Quit Go 🙂

Well worth it IF YOU ARE READY

The cost of these is cheaper than a pack of smokes in my city. I am very pleased with the results and have told a lot of my friends about this product.

Great product if you really want to quit!

Day 15 smoke free YAY I no longer crave smokes haven't had a 1 smoke since day 4 of the tablets Best decision my fiance and I made

6 weeks smoke free!

Totally recommend Harmless Cigarette to whoever is serious about quitting smoking. It does work if you follow the program. I feel so much happier and healthier since quitting. Won't be looking back now.

This has been the only product to cut my craving ...

Fantastic product at a fantastic price. This company is the go-to for purchasing this product!


I never thought this would work..I'm only on day 3 of no smoking. I've tried other programs..this starts to work on day 1, I've never been so determined..give it a've got nothing to lose

You will NOT be disappointed

I started tbxfree on January 30, 2017 and it was amazing how quickly it resolved all of the cravings I had! It was mentally hard to quit, but the physical dependency decreased Super fast! It is only the 11th of March, 2017, and I, who was an almost two pack a day smoker, haven't had a single cigarette and only have the occasional thought of smoking, but then I use a strip and the urge passes. Amazing stuff!!!!!