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It's absolutely fantastic!

I am already 3 and half weeks smoke free, and my sister is almost 2 weeks smoke free thanks to the harmless cigarettes! I'm not exactly sure how they work but they do, and my cravings are at a bare minimum. This was the best decision I've ever made. 20+ years of smoking done. We plan on taking the money we save & or towards a holiday in Europe! WE LOVE HARMLESS CIGARETTE!!!


Very Satisfied

This is helping me breath so much better. It's natural and feels amazing to be smoke free. IT WORKS if you want to stop ! you must believe it will work !!


This helped me quit smoking.

This is a fantastic tool to help you quit. It helps curb cravings and many others. It's very light and feels very comfortable to hold. It's pleasant and nice! You have to try it for yourself. Everyone is different and will have their own results. But the bottom line is, it comes down to your discipline. If you really want to quit smoking, I highly recommend using this. It will definitely work for you as long as you commit yourself to quitting. Good Luck!


I'm done with smoking for good!

Product arrived quickly and works perfectly. It did take me a few days to adjust and get used to using it.
But it's definitely very satisfying once you start using it!


Dr. Recommend

I've smoked and vaped for over twenty years of my life. Unfortunately I was recently diagnosed with an infection in my lungs, and my physician said I MUST take immediate action to quit if I want to live. However, I couldn't use any NRT products because the chemicals and side effects of them would interfere with my medication, and quitting “cold turkey” was extremely difficult for me. Dr. recommend that I should try using these harmless cigarettes since they've helped others quit and also happen to be safer then all the other products.

Enjoying-my-harmless-cigarettes (1)

Enjoying my harmless cigarettes

Very impressed with this product and the seller was incredibly helpful. I've been using these harmless cigarettes for a while and really enjoy them! They are wonderful at reducing my cravings.

I ordered cool menthol, fresh mint and oxygen to experiment which one I'd like more. But I really like them all, they all have unique differencess, so I switch around periodically to change it up.

This is absolutely worth the price for such an amazing product and I'm so glad to finally quit smoking.

Quitting smoking is 100% possible! I know so many people who've tried so many times and finally quit! My advice for anyone out there using this to quit, it is so important to make sure you totally commit yourself. Use this whenever you get a thought of going out for a smoke. After a month, your habit of going for a smoke will change and you won't get those feelings anymore.


Is this product for you?

I wouldn't wish being addicted to cigarettes to anyone, One of my family members is currently dying of lung cancer, its a terrible tragedy and people should know the danger.. Your kids and grand kids and all other family will have to see the sad death cause of the deadly things. I honestly wont lie , everyone tries one and might a lil more. and it will always be going on sadly.
But with these you can actually try to fix the addiction problem with a all natural product. No harm to yourself anymore but the same feeling of smoking and instead of the nasty smoke smell it reminds me of double bubble gum. And no more smokers cough.. that will eventually fix itself if its not too much damage but this is so much healthier and has so much more benefits,
to me it leaves a good taste in mouth with no harmful smoke that will cause second hand smoke and it is just so great. i recommend this to anyone suffering from smoking. This is SOOO for you!!


AMAZING!! This WILL Help You Quit!

I ordered a few of these hoping they would work, because I quit cold turkey a few times but always went back. My son does the ecig but I don't want all the crap in it. This was my last hope and I was counting on this for helping me, since I had no choice to quit because of health issue. I've been using these fir 2 months since I quit, (which is the longest so far from all my cold turkey attempts.) and to sum up this product in one word is AMAZING!!!!!!! I've never felt so positive about any other quit smoking products.. This has helped me and ut works!! i see some comments from ppl who say it didn't work for them, but it's been working amazing for me so far. My suggestion, is if you're trying to quit, use this product and make sure you're ready and committed to quit. There's no doubt that you'll see results and finally quit! Good luck to all.


This has really helped my son in law stop smoking.

This has really helped my son in law stop smoking! He knew it was going to be hard since 75% of the guys he works with smokes but within a week of using this harmless cigarette he no longer was smoking at home at all, and instead he was always using this. By the next week his cravings at work were diminishing too, and now he just doesn't go outside with the smokers, he keeps this cig with him and has been using it ever since he quit. I just ordered several more so he can make sure to have a few extra incase he looses one or forgets it at home he can keep one in the car and office. I am very proud I found this product for him! I can say, this absolutely works! It really comes down to your will power and using an amazing product like this to help you get rid of the habit and quit.


7  Months Smoke Free!

It's really light and feels great to hold onto. It also has a nice and easy puff. I quit smoking 7 months ago and this was very useful and helpful when I used together with my nicoderm patches.

I used vapors before, but I actually like and enjoy these more then vaping. Since the nice thing about these are that it has no smoke or vapor so I can pretty much use them everywhere! Especially when there's company at home.


My dad loves the harmless cigarette

My dad loves these! Thanks for your helps and arranging the shipping to arrive early. We really appreciate your help and service. My dad started recommending these harmless cigarettes to all his friends who smoke to try and get them to quit too. He said he wishes these were around before he started smoking so he would never have started smoking in the first place. But he just turned 68 years and finally now he's quitting, our family including dad are extremely grateful and happy that these are helping him very much. Thanks again!


Helping me stop smoking

I started using this instead of smoking and it's really helping me stop smoking. Taste is great and not overwhelming. The price is pretty good, so I bought a few of these to always have one around. I keep one in the car, at home and one at my desk at work. As soon I I pick it up to hold or put it in my mouth to puff on, I automatically loose the desire to smoke. The taste is also so good and leaves your mouth feeling fresh. I recommend this for anyone who needs help quitting.


I've been a smoker for 44 years and this product helped me quit.

This is absolutely a FIVE STAR PRODUCT. I just want to say Thank you for your great product and service. I've been a smoker for for 44 years, and tried to quit more than 10 times. There are so many quit smoking products out there which I've tried, but none of them worked for me or even come close to as amazing as this Harmless Cigarette.

This product has truly been a lifesaver for me and I'm really thankful that it has helped me quit. Once you start using it, it's important to commit yourself to quitting so this can take effect and help you get over cravings. It works exactly how it's described. It definitely helps cope with the hand to mouth gestures associated with smoking which for me was a big struggle to overcome.

Another great thing about this is that it's completely natural and has no chemicals. All the nicotine products I've used made me sick. I also never understood why it makes sense to quit a nicotine addiction with more nicotine. This harmless cigarette is so great since it's a drug free and natural alternative to help quit smoking. I highly recommend this for anyone trying to quit or needs help quitting.

I-must-say-this-product-has-helped-me-immensely.-I-almost-can't-believe-that-I'm-a-non-smoker-now. (1)

I must say this product has helped me immensely. I almost can't believe that I'm a non-smoker now.

I started smoking when I was 14-ish, a pack of Reds a day by 16. I remember saying that when they hit $2 a pack that's it, I'm quitting!

I'm 38 now and I've smoked every day since, minus maybe a day here or there when I had bronchitis (go figure). I finally had the courage to quit, but patches and gum didn't do much for me. It was only when I discovered this harmless cig alternative, I new I must try this because the handling of a cigarette was a big part of my smoking addiction.

I must say this product has helped me immensely. I almost can't believe that I'm a non-smoker now. Haven't lit smoke #1 since my quit date March 20th. Haven't even wanted to. I don't have any serious cravings, other than going through the motions which is where this come so in handy. I'll actually start walking towards the door like a robot after dinner or whenever, it's actually pretty funny. I know that It might not be a magic bullet for everyone, I had to get my mind in the right place as well. Once you're there then the harmless cigarette takes care of the rest.

The way I look at the cost for one of these is that it's about the cost of 1 pack, but now that I quit, and considering I smoked almost a pack a day, I'm saving $388 a month. Saving me over $4,700 a year for the rest of my life. So at the end of the day it's not only helped me quit, but also saved me a ton of money. what was I thinking when I started smoking??

If you're reading reviews here you're serious enough to get started on it. Just do like I did, stock up on these so they're always handy! You get better FAST, trust me. Good luck!!


Incredibly useful and highly recommended.

Bought these on recommendation of a neighbor. This is simply a fantastic quit smoking tool that really helps satisfy the hand to mouth addiction and really helps quit smoking. For those who have trouble quitting with gum or patches, this is the exact product you need. You can use this in conjunction with gum or patch or by itself. Either way, it's an extremely helpful solution to help you quit smoking.


Fantastic product! I use this everywhere.

I have been a tobacco user for over 20 years. I went on the patch a few months ago and but I still had wicked cravings. I had been chewing on pens and straws but it was always minutes before they were destroyed. Besides they had no flavor and never really satisfied much. But these are great. They are fantastic and I use them everywhere! I may be addicted to these! The first thing I think about when I wake up is, where is my harmless cig. I puff on this and I like to hold it in my mouth and just fiddle with it in my hand. It's really helps me forget about smoking and get rid of the crave for a cigarette. I've been off the patch for a week now and the only thing keeping me going are these harmless cigarettes. I've purchased a few of each to stock up!


Works Good!

I kinda like it! it's very different, but it definitely helps when using the nicotine patch for giving up smoking.

I bring this with me everywhere

This has worked for me. When I am situation where I am not allowed to smoke, I bring this with me to use and I don't get any urges. I'd recommend if you are working on reducing, quitting, or a smoker that needs to go without smoking in certain situations.

Five Stars

I'm now 20 days smoke free and I thank this harmless cig for helping me through the cravings. I say go for it!

This is longest time ive ever been able to quit

I havent smoked a cigarette in four weeks already. I have never gone this long before. I am also using the nicotine patch and the gum with this!