Harmless Cigarette Benefits




Harmless Cigarette is always ready and easy to use anytime, anywhere. It can be used anywhere traditional cigarettes/e-cigarettes are prohibited. It’s pocket-sized, weightless & portable, so the Harmless Cigarette conveniently goes wherever you may roam. From the car to the office to the gym to the plane to the beach to the mountains to a night on the town and back again

Harmless Cigarette can be used together with all nicotine replacement products and provides additional help that nicotine replacement products don’t. It’s also the perfect complement to NRT products and helps satisfy many of the smoking behaviours such as, holding something in your hand, puffing on a cigarette, etc.

Harmless Cigarette is cost effective. It costs less than tobacco cigarettes & e-cigarettes, and it lasts even longer. Harmless Products Co. brings you this exclusive Quit Smoking Aid, OTC Remedy that is drug-free, therapeutic grade, works fast, and a treatment that’s safe to combine with other quit smoking methods.  Start living smoke-free with a Harmless Cigarette and enjoy pure harmless satisfaction!