10 Steps to Successfully Quit Smoking

10 Steps to Successfully Quit Smoking & Creating a Proper Plan

More than 80% of smokers in the U.S. express a desire to quit smoking every year, and out of the 35% who do try to stop smoking, only 5% are actually successful in their unaided attempts to quit since many smokers try quitting with all types of nicotine aid products which are ineffective and unhealthy. But now with the Harmless Cigarette you can successfully increase your chances of quitting smoking even if you haven’t succeeded before.

You ought not to embark on this journey without some kind of help. There are sites such as SmokersHealthTips and QuitSmoking.com which feature designed initiatives as well as provide various resources that help you quit. In addition, these sites have a support group which comprises smokers and former smokers who care about helping each other accomplish their goal.


Harmless Cigarette offers a quit smoking solution unlike any other. It creates an experience that smokers love, and perfectly fits the smokers' life style to help them successfully quit smoking and become smoke-free for life!


Harmless Cigarette is designed to help satisfy and reduce cravings, and overcome the urge to smoke.As smokers transition from smoking to quitting the body begins to cleanse itself of nicotine in the bloodstream and organs, however many smokers struggle with quitting due to the phycological and physical hand to mouth addiction.

Harmless Cigarette is the nicotine-free way to quit smoking naturally, and allows smokers to stop smoking once and for all without the use of nicotine.

Would you give an alcoholic more drinks to stop drinking alcohol? Would you give a dieter more cake and candy to help lose weight? Of course not! So why would anyone want to put MORE nicotine into their bodies when it’s the nicotine they’re trying to lose their addiction to?

Researchers have combined the all-natural balancing properties of a unique variety of traditional herbal formulas to help maintain your sense of health and well being while you change your habits.

That’s why e-cigs don’t work. The latest craze is e-cigarettes or vaping units. They are not for people that truly want to quit smoking. They’re simply replacing one expensive habit for another one. If they really helped you quit smoking you wouldn’t see an vape shop on every corner selling batteries, filters, nicotine juices, etc. They have to keep people hooked in order to stay in business. Also, as time goes by researchers are finding out the E-cigs may be just as harmful as real cigarettes!

To quit smoking, you eventually have to get off the nicotine, and withdrawal from nicotine can be VERY unpleasant. It’s a big reason why even those that are the most committed go back.





Top medical institutions suggest that the most important step in quitting smoking is to create a quit plan. Get a head start on your journey to quit smoking and ensure it’s a success. Below are ten tips to follow in creating a quit plan:

1. Strategically fix a quit date

Many smokers usually don’t make plans for quitting, they just jump right in. It is recommended that you deliberately set a date to quit smoking. If you want to accomplish great things in life you must first plan for it. Peruse your calendar and decide on the best time to quit. Think about choosing a date that there aren't a lot of temptations like a birthday get-together or stressors such as looming deadlines.

2. Identify triggers and keep track of cigarettes

Similar to tracking your activity with a step counter when trying to lose some weight or keep fit, discovering what drives you to smoke is all part of the quit plan.   These are called ‘Triggers' and they are the things that prompt you to smoke. Some common triggers include stress, driving, coffee, drinking, or partying.

3. Control your triggers

Having identified the things that make you smoke, the next step is to plan on how to steer clear of or conquer them. Are you the type that smokes while driving to work? You should endeavor to keep sunflower seeds in your car to chew on as a substitute. Alternatively, you could create a playlist to sing along with loudly. You should give serious thoughts on the things you are able to do in place of smoking for each of your triggers such as drink tea rather than coffee for awhile, etc.

4. Be smart about your addiction

Smoking is not just an awful habit, it's an addiction. Study how nicotine affects your brain and wisely decide to use quit smoking aids to enhance your likelihood of successfully quitting. Watch videos on SmokersHealthTips.com to learn more.

5. Select a quit smoking aid

The moment you’ve learnt about addiction and how it works, consult with your doctor or pharmacist or healthcare provider on the various quit smoking aids and decide on what works best for you. A Natural Quit smoking aid Harmless Cigarette is capable of easing quitting withdrawal and cravings. It doesn’t matter if you have attempted using medications before, give Harmless Cigarette a trial as your chances of quitting smoking successfully now is much better.

You can enjoy using Harmless Cigarette conveniently wherever life takes you. Harmless Cigarette is small, lightweight, and it can truly go anywhere, so no matter where you go Harmless Cigarette is always ready to provide pure harmless satisfaction! You can enjoy using it at home, in the car, in the office, on airplanes, buses, trains and more!

6. Talk to someone

You’ve probably heard the saying that a problem shared is a problem half solved. Think about confiding in someone you trust. It could be a friend, or relative or even a colleague at least. If they smoke as well, you could ask them to stop smoking around you. Another option is to connect with people that understand your situation in the SmokersHealthTips Community. They know what it feels like to be irritable, frustrated and anxious while quitting. There are always smokers and former smokers available on SmokersHealthTips community genuinely willing to help answer any questions you may have, listen supportively and cheer you on your success. 

7. Out with the old and in with the new

When trying to forget an ‘old flame', the first thing you need to do is dispose of any and everything that reminds you of that thing. Search your car, house, place of work and discard anything remotely connected to smoking. Ashtrays, lighters, even your car's dashboard lighter. Throw out everything! Think about getting your car detailed, wash your clothing and bedspread, do a thorough cleaning of your residence to let everything about you smell fresh rather than smoky.

8. Get ready, get set

Ensure you have enough medication handy if you're using one. Prime yourself to stop by having other good approach of managing cravings. Get a water bottle that is refillable; buy stuff you can chew on like sugar free gum and candy, toothpicks, carrot sticks; and find something fun to engage your hands with like drumsticks or toys. Stay motivated. List out your reasons for quitting and keep in your purse, wallet, bathroom mirror, car, office, everywhere you can see it.

9. Go

You know the times you're likely to be tempted and how to overcome the temptations when they come. Get up and face the day head on. Put on some clothes, grab your water bottle, some food and your Harmless Cigarette or other quit smoking aid and hit the road! Just concentrate on getting through the first day without smoking. You can survive your first day and then take it one day at a time.

10. If you need to, pick yourself back up

It is hard to quit a habit and you may need to try over and over again before succeeding. If you slipped and smoked the after your quit day, don’t give up! Discover what led to your slipping in the first instance. Were you having a drink? Under a lot of stress? Or someone offered you a cigarette? Identify the cause and plan on how to get past it when next it occurs. If you need support, commiseration, wisdom or encouragement, go see the Smokers Health Tips Community.